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[1/13/2014] Changelog

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:04 pm
by Bpear

[4/24/2014] Play Store release:

[2/16/2014] Play Store release:
  • App now checks if modem is already downloaded before downloading again
  • App is forced to stay in portrait mode
  • Added mirroring for modems not hosted on Google Code.
  • Smoother swiping maybe?

Was behind on updating this. Check here for Github commits ... its/master

[1/23/2014] Play Store release:
  • App no longer closes when back button is pressed (Would cause problems with reboot commands)
  • When back is pressed while in first tab, app will run in background.
  • When back is pressed while in any other tab, app will go back one tab.
  • Added device model check. App will prompt with exit screen if you are not on Nexus 4.

[1/18/2014] Play Store release:
  • Italian and chinese translations (thanks to github contributors)
  • Add disable LTE option
  • Clean up code and UI
  • Add option to keep or delete downloaded
  • Set LTE as preferred network when enabled
  • Add 0.97 hybrid modems

[1/12/2014] Play Store release:
  • Add Icon
  • Clean up build.prop tab
  • Add Reboot now option to build.prop tab

Beta 2 :
    Bug fixes:
  • Fixed 'Enable LTE' Build.prop option in certain situations
  • Use different method for downloading modems, should provide better performance and experience
    New features:
  • Ask for SuperUser persions on app start
  • Show download progress in notifications
  • *#*#4636#*# menu shortcut (in menu overflow top right)